Mechanical and Machine Construction

Mechanical and Machine Construction Research Team

Mechanical and Machine Construction Laboratory is one of the research laboratory facilities at Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung. The laboratory research program focuses on the following topic: (1) Multiscale mechanics for advanced materials, (2) Design and Prototyping, (3) Automotive Engineering, (4) Development of Structural Health Monitoring, and (5) Battery Technology.

Micromechanics of Composite Materials

This research investigates the role of microscale phenomena in composite materials to their performance as main load-bearing structures. Modeling of micromechanics of the composite is introduced here. Advanced testing procedures to evaluate the composite performance in microscale are proposed. The phenomena occurring in the experiment are explained comprehensively by simulating various modeling strategies. Multiscale modeling and analyses are also demonstrated to observe the phenomena. The research result can broaden the insight into the importance of the composite’s microstructure, which will be beneficial for designing novel composite structures with high strength and endurance.


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Adhesive Bonding Technology

The bonding strength between aluminum alloy and woven composite joined by Araldite adhesive is evaluated. A fracture criterion for the joint subjected to mixed-mode loading is then proposed. For this work, specimens consisting of aluminum alloys adhered to woven composites by Araldite® Standard were fabricated and tested under normal and shear loadings using the double-cantilever beam test the shear-lap joint test, respectively. The fracture behavior of the adhesive joint was investigated by monitoring cracks formed at the adherend surfaces. The results indicate that cracks propagate into the woven composite bulk rather than into the aluminum alloy bulk. Furthermore, finite-element simulations of these tests suggest that the cohesive zone model well describes the fracture behavior of adhesive joints. Bonding strengths under opening- and shearing-fracture modes are evaluated by comparing experimentally applied loads with simulated loads. This study reveals the characteristics of the aluminum alloy–woven composite adhesive joint that differ from adhesive joints between similar adherents. Finally, a locus of the fracture criterion for the adhesive joint based on the joint’s bonding strength is presented.


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Design and Prototyping

The mechanical design research group is an expert in developing various designs and prototypes for industrial needs and broad communities. Several prototypes have been manufactured and implemented are (1) plastic shredding machine and fluidized drying bed for plastic waste industries, (2) micro hydropower plant, bucket crusher, cage wheels, and compost applicator for agriculture and forestry industries, and (3) electric vehicle chassis, railway components, and battery technology for future mobilities. Those prototypes were built to meet industrial and community demands.


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Automotive Engineering

This research is carried out to evaluate and optimize a three-wheeled vehicle’s ride performance through an experiment. Here, the suspension system’s role in the vehicle’s ride quality is investigated to determine a suitable suspension system for the ride optimization of such vehicles. The outcome of this research suggests an experimental method and analysis of determining the required suspension properties for a ride-optimized vehicle quantitatively. Furthermore, the significant parameters affecting the instability of a Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle are revealed. Evaluation is conducted by analytical and simulation methods using multi-body dynamic software. By considering all evaluated parameters in this research, the vehicles achieve optimum stability and maneuverability performance.


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Structural Health Monitoring

The crack damage is frequently found in the CFRP structure during operating services. In structural health monitoring (SHM) technology, the detection of the crack in the composite material is very critical. Our group introduces a method to detect crack length and orientation that occur in plain-woven CFRP using the electrical resistance change measurement. To measure the resistance of CFRP, a four-wire measurement method is utilized so that the change of the resistance value can be obtained indirectly when the cracks occurred in CFRP. The characteristics of the plain-woven composite are investigated by observing electrical strain and mechanical strain relationships during tensile testing. Some significant results found are the plain-woven composite has non-linear positive piezoresistivity, which must be considered in developing structural health monitoring.


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Battery Technology

This research aims to find a breakthrough in the next generation of battery technology applicable to electric vehicles. The research focuses on mechanical and electrical characterization and modelling of the batteries to contribute to improving battery safety. A robust, reliable, high energy density and long-lasting battery are expected to be an interest of the research output.


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